Find out how to improve your mental wellbeing

Wellbeing analytics made easy

Which situations make me feel good? What are the causes behind stress and tension? Which activities help to improve my mental wellbeing? Find out with MindCare! The MindCare app lets you analyse your everyday life and helps you identify effective actions to improve your wellbeing.

Track your mood, distress, emotions and activities to identify patterns you didn’t know exist. This is the first step towards a better, healthier life.

Find out how to effectively improve your mental wellbeing

  • Track

    The MindCare app automatically reminds you to reflect on your feelings and makes it easy for you to keep track of your wellbeing. The best thing is: this will itself raise your self-awareness and help you lead a more mindful life.

  • Analyse

    Intuitive visualisations help you see patterns that you weren't aware of before.

  • Understand

    Understand what causes negative feelings and identify activities that are beneficial for your mental wellbeing. This will help you easily identify the right measures to improve your life.

In order to increase your wellbeing,
you have to understand it

  • Self-monitoring is an essential part of most evidence-based psychotherapies. It helps you gain a better understanding of your feelings and your overall mood. It lets you identify circumstances that make you feel uncomfortable and can also show you what is already helping to improve your mood.

    Self-monitoring may feel like a tedious task at times but it will pay off. Asking yourself how you feel more frequently will itself strengthen your mindfulness and have a positive effect on your happiness. But most importantly, after some time you will gain a much better understanding of your psyche and will know how to improve your wellbeing.

    Try it out, persevere with it and learn how to improve your life!


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